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செவ்வாய், 4 ஜூலை, 2017

Chandra Babu Naidu - Architect of AP

I am from the state of Tamil Nadu. I have many friends from Andhra Pradesh. Whenever I speak about Chandra Babu Naidu to my Andhra friends, the way they shatter with facts and information will be fabulous. They always share some wonderful information or links to me about his initiatives.
Basically, I have huge respect for the people of Andhra Pradesh and leaders of Andhra Pradesh. Conversation with my friends have always increased my respect for him and people of AP.
Below are my observation, about CBN after reading in many websites and listening from my friends.


After a long struggle, UPA government decided to separate Telungana from Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad became the common capital for states and of course it will be the capital of Telugana in future. Most of the people predicted that, Andhra Pradhesh will suffer after the separation of Telugana. Most of them predicted that, state will economically suffer because of this separation. Seriously, it was the tough situation for the state of AP.
In that crucial point, CBN won the election and became the CM of AP. He became CM, when everything has to be built newly. He was given a huge responsbility in building a new AP. I had a confidence that CBN will make AP to flourish.

As Hyderabad will not be with AP in future, state should have a capital city. And it is not that easy to start building a city like Hyderabad. But certainly it is possible in the near future. So, he started building his capital city near Amaravati. I am confident that, he has all the capacity to make Amaravti as one of the beautiful and advanced city in the country.

Of course, future will celebrate him as Architect of Modern AP.

Linking River

Most of the South Indian rivers are non perennial rivers. And the source of the rivers will be mostly, monsoon rains. Only few rivers have water throughout the year. At certain time, some rivers will overflow with water and some with no water. Water Management is really a concern in the southern states. One long term request from the social activist and environmentalist is to connect the rivers and enhance the water management.

Andhra Pradesh under the leadership of CBN, interconnected Godhavari and Krishna river in very short span of 1 year. Serioulsy this one of most visonary project initiated by a ruler in the free India.
AP's river-linking project finished in a year, enters Limca Book of Records


After Narendra Modi, CBN is one of the technically updated politician in the country. Yes, He was the reason for making Hyderabad as one of the IT hub of the country and of course he was the reason for bringing Microsoft to Hyderabad during his previous period.

His knowledge on Cloud computing, Automation, Machine Learning was amazing. I am not sure, whether any other leader in our country knew about these topics. And the most interesting thing is he wanted to use these technology in government. He is always open to innovation and good initiatives. His speech in future decoded is one of the best and inspirational speech by a leader.

Urban - Rural

From the observation from friends and facts in the website, I can observe that CBN doesn’t give much importance to the growth of rural areas. He is always interested in building urban cities, is what one of the major concern from my friend. Probably, that’s one of the reason why he lost in the election 10 years ago. Despite bringing lot of initiatives to the state, he didn’t do much for agriculture and rural area.

Yes, these are my thoughts on Chandra Babu Naidu. If my predictions are correct and if he goes with the same momentum, one day he will become the Prime Minister of India.
And, I wish he should move towards National Politics.

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