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திங்கள், 10 ஜூலை, 2017

Which Course has value?

Did you Ask?

Whenever I meet a parents who has a daughter or son completed 12th standard board exam, they often ask my suggestion for course selection. Few might give me choice to me, to select one among the few branch. Most of them will not have any open choice for their son or daughter. One thing which was common among everyone was, their parent selfish thought of giving something best to their kid but without asking their wish. 
So whenever someone ask about the course or degree, all I would say them is

"Ask your kid first"


Yes, most of them will never ask their kid about their wish and like. Parents always want to give something best to their kid without asking. This is the trend for the past few years, when human beings have become close to machine than human being. Parents always want to create money generating machine, than creating a sensible human being to the society. When parents are itself machine, there is no surprise in the aim of creating another machine. 

Wake Up!

I guess time has come for the parents to wake up and understand the nature of the kid. I wish parents should reach their kids and understand their like, than inducing the like on them. Whenever they try get idea from someone, they indirectly induce someone else on their kid. They should understand that, life of their kid should be decided by the kid. Even the parents doesn't have the rights to decided about the life of the kid. 


And whenever I say the same to the parents, they always come up with the answer that they are kids and they don't know much about the things. This mentality should be changed among the parents. In the current world, most of the kids are aware about their requirement. They knew what they want, than their parents. Hence, I always recommend parents to reach their kids to know more about their wish. 

If your son or daughter is really confused or not aware about the course selection, please take necessary steps to make them aware about each and every course. Introduce them about all the course available via friends and relatives. Give the freedom to choose the one which they really wanted to go ahead, than inducing some course on them. 

Think twice. Ask your kid. And the decide upon the course. !

My best wishes to all the +2 (12th Standard students) on their successful college life.

Note: Video contains my appeal to the parents in Tamil.


Praveen Kumar Rajendran

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