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வெள்ளி, 14 ஜூலை, 2017

Mozart of Madras

Recent concert by A.R.Rahman has created a huge sensation in the social media, which later took a different direction to the mass media. Let me clarify few facts that are related to the concert and the issue that is widely spoke in the mass the media.

  1. Title of the concert is, "Netru Indru Nalai". It is a Tamil title and it is obviously a Tamil concert. So majority of the songs will be in Tamil.I am not sure on what basis Hindi speaking booked the ticket and later got disappointed in social media. 
  2. People in the mass media started speaking that A.R.Rahman is an Indian composer and raising question why he narrowed down as Tamil singer. Poor people should understand that, he is Tamil musician who raised as an Indian icon. 
  3. People started saying that, A.R.Rahman has earned name and fame because of Hindi movies and songs. Poor people should understand that, he is from Tamil Nadu and his Tamil numbers are popular than Hindi numbers. Moreover, most of the songs in Hindi are the Tamil version.
  4. Of course, A.R.Rahman, Dr.Kalam, Ashwin, Vishwanathan Anand will become Indians and we people from Tamil Nadu often termed as Madarasi. And our fishermen become, "Tamil fishermen'.
  5. People are getting agitataed that majority of the songs were in Tamil and asking for refund. People were really fed up because of the domination of Tamil in the Tamil concert. Seriously it is crazy.
  6. People of Hindi Speaking should understand that, Hindi is not our national language. GOI has never declared any language as national language. 
  7. People of Tamil Nadu are not against Hindi, we are against the imposition of Hindi. Just imagine how it would be for us, when Hindi has been imposed on our language which is considered the oldest in the country.
  8. Music has no language. When you people can listen to the lip sync of Justin bieber, why can't you listen to the Tamil Songs?, which is an Indian language.
  9. We are giving Higher education, Medical facilities, Jobs and going to give our money in the name of GST, but still you will look down?
  10. Please learn Tamil, it will be useful when you come down to us for everything. 


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