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புதன், 20 செப்டம்பர், 2017

Overrated IT Jobs

IT Jobs!
Yes, seriously I feel Information and Technology jobs are always extremely overrated by the people. There are lot of misunderstanding about the IT jobs. Let me share few things via this question and reduce the rate of over rate.

Overrated Thought 1: IT Engineer will know everything about IT
It is not at all possible for an Engineer to know everything in the Information and Technology sector. But often, people consider that IT people knew everything and ask some random questions. If the question was answered, the person is considered to be the genius. One who doesn’t answer will not even be considered as engineers.
Overrated Thought 2: IT Engineers earn more
It is partially true. But in the current scenario, IT jobs are not paid that much. Most of the startup companies start their package somewhere around 8k-10k per month. Medium sized companies will be around 20–30k. But most of them expect that all IT engineers will get paid 1 lakh per month from the 1st month onward.
Overrated Thought 3: All IT Engineers will be committed
There is a common thought among everyone that, all IT Engineers will be committed. Will maintain more than 1 girlfriend. Will have nothing to do beyond these work. As like other sector, IT sector too have work. Seriously people are overrating IT Engineers on this topic.
Overrated Thought 4: Easy Onsite Opportunity.
The first immediate thing people will ask an IT Engineer is about “Onsite opportunity”. Most of them are not aware about the term On site. It generally indicates the client location. If my client location is India, my onsite is India only. And there are lot of procedures with respect to onsite opportunity beyond the borders. But often, IT Engineers are overrated with onsite.
I guess these 4 are the most overrated aspects of an IT Job. IT sector is similar to other fields. Kindly do not overrate and exaggerate things about this field. Moreover, please don’t compare the life of an Adam eve period IT engineer with the current ones. Things are changing.
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