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வியாழன், 14 டிசம்பர், 2017

Cyclone Ockhi - Sea Plane

Cyclone Ockhi
Cyclone Ockhi caused heavy damage in the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, the most neglected state by BJP. Beyond the damage in the land, damage inside the sea was very high. It was reported that more than 900+ fishermen were missing in the shore, who went inside the Indian ocean before the cyclone.
Indian Navy carried out poor rescue operation inside the sea. It was expected one. It is after all, Tamil Nadu fisher men who was inside the sea. So everyone expected on how the central government will take action. Beyond the Indian navy, most of the fishermen was rescued by the fellow fishermen.
After heavy damage, cyclone moved up to Gujarat region. Below was the tweet from the Prime Minister Modi on the same.

In another few days, Prime Minister Modi was flying in the sea plane.

My Thoughts after seeing all these things:
  • Unfortunately, it was Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu which was deeply affected by the cyclone. If Kanyakumari was in Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi might have visited the district. And the most unfortunate thing was, there is no nearby election in Kanyakumari district too.
  • Only after seeing Prime Minister Modi using the sea plane, I came to know that India has such kind of things. Unfortunately, no sea plane was found in and around Kanyakumari region to rescue the fishermen. Sea plane might have gone, if it was Gujarat fishermen.
  • The real development is, government protecting their people from the natural calamities and rescuing the people in the time of emergency. I am still wondering on what kind of development PM Modi is speaking about.
Note: If you are not aware about the cyclone and the damage made by the cyclone, please read and then comment. It is not just to blame Prime Minister Modi, I am using this post to have attention among all our Indian brothers and sisters.
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