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ஞாயிறு, 17 டிசம்பர், 2017

What motivates me to study?

I am an IT professional for the past 3+ years. For my profession, learning is very essential. Not only for moving to the next position, even to solve the day to day problems learning is very essential.
Moreover things will change each and every day. So learning and updating is very essential for a sustainable career. And most of the time, people will be forced to learn something new. Beyond learning something new, updating is very essential for a IT guy.

One thing which will motivate every IT guy(Including me) to learn and update something new is, “Entry of Fresh graduates”. Fresh graduates always enter the team with fresh idea and will be updated in the recent technology. Since everything is open and free via internet, fresh graduates always enter the Industry the latest technology in hand.
And In order to sustain with them, it will be essential for the experienced guy to learn and update. Beyond learning, it often will reflect as ego problem in the team as Experience vs New
What if I don't study?
People will always ask me, what if an IT Engineer doesn't update or learn something new. The answer is simple, you will be kicked out of the organization.
IT industry is not public sector (government organization) to retain people for their legacy and experience. It is just like heavily loaded bus. If one does not have the right skill and have the habit of constant update, we may have to get down from the bus or the conductor will ask us to get down.
Bus will not run without is a myth. Because bus always load fresh people inside the bus, as and when it drops few.
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