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புதன், 20 டிசம்பர், 2017

Gujarat and HP - Lesson for All

Victory of BJP in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh was expected one. Both congress and BJP has lot of lesson to learn from the Gujarat election. Below are my observation about the election.
  • It was a tough battle for BJP, as it was Many on one election. But BJP was able to make it. It is just like all the animals in the jungle was against the lion, but still lion was able to make it. Of course, lion had faced damage.
  • People have started giving credits to Rahul Gandhi for his excellent performance in Gujarat. He even started praising himself for the better performance. Unfortunately the credit should not be given to him. It should be given to the three young leaders Hardik Patel, Jignesh and Alphesh. Without them, it might not be possible for the Congress to get such numbers.
  • NOTA played a crucial role in the election. In more than 15+ constituency Congress won with the margin less than the votes received by NOTA. It clearly indicates that, people are in anger against BJP and not interested in voting for Congress too.

  • It was clearly a caste based politics vs religion based (development) politics in Gujarat. Congress used caste as its card with few temple visit drama by Rahul Gandhi. On other hand, BJP was clear that their hardcore voters will be the biggest plus.
  • Impact of Demonetization, Negligence of Farmers, GST impact was found in Gujarat. Probably that’s the reason why BJP didn’t perform well in Sourashtra.
  • Congress didn't have a local face in Gujarat was the biggest plus for BJP. On other hand, BJP too suffering from local leadership. Even after making Vijay Rupani as CM, it is challenging for BJP to build a strong leadership in Gujarat. Where people have seen leader like Modi and now not accepting anyone less than him.
  • People's love for Modi started fading in Gujarat. It’s all because People of Gujarat feel that, Modi has gone far ahead from the Gujarat after becoming PM. In the last 3 years, Modi's visit to Gujarat is very less. His campaign was a renewal of people's love towards him. Last time people voted for Modi. Even this time, people have voted for Modi. Hard time to build a strong leadership in Gujarat.
  • People started talking about Rajasthan and MP election now. Especially congress supporters started saying that it will be challenging for BJP in these two states. But actually it will be challenging for Congress only. Because both these states have a well established strong BJP CMs. So it will not be a big game for BJP in these two states.
Himachal Pradesh
  • It was an expected win for BJP in the Himachal Pradesh. They didn’t concentrate much on HP. Because they clearly knew that HP Congress government has worked for their success.
  • Anti incumbency on the existing congress government and Corruption charges against Mr. Virbhadra Singh were the biggest plus for the BJP.
  • The shocking news for BJP is, their CM candidate Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal lost in the election. It clearly shows that BJP has won HP because of the anti incumbency.
Overall it is a good win for BJP. And hard time for BJP to strengthen their 2014 mandate. So that it will be an easy win for BJP in 2019 with 20+ states as ruling party.
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