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திங்கள், 25 டிசம்பர், 2017

RK Nagar MLA Purchase

Before narrating the Victory of Mr. TTV Dinakaran, I would like to go back to the bi election happened during the year 2015. It was an artificial bi election. Jayalalithaa was convicted and later acquitted by the court in the year 2015. After acquitted by the court, Jayalalithaa wanted to contest in election and become CM once again. At that time, she opted RK nagar as her constituency for three major reason.
  1. Backward region
  2. Traditional AIADMK constituency
  3. Within the Chennai city.
There are 18+ constituency in Chennai, but she opted RK nagar is all because of the 1st two reasons. Since it was a backward region, people's vote can be easily purchased with cash. Although it was a traditional ADMK constituency,people suffered from
Jayalalithaa decided to use all these factors to become the MLA. So the sitting MLA Mr.Vetrivel reisgned the post and paved for Jayalalithaa to contest in the election. She won the election with huge margin and became the CM of TN

After the death of Jayalalithaa, RK nagar MLA seat remained empty for more than 1 year. It was announced and cancelled in the early 2017. Chennai High court then strictly ordered the election commission to conduct the election before the end of 2017. And the election was actually cancelled because of the cash flow in the constituency. It prevented the election commission to conduct the election. The same set of people were contesting in election. But under different leadership. Now things have been changed. TTV Dinakaran contested as independent candidate against ADMK and DMK.
Even in 2017, there is a huge poverty in the RK Nagar region. And BTW, in Tamil Nadu the word poverty has different meaning. Poverty doesn't mean that, people are suffering from food. By God's grace it is not the condition in Tamil Nadu. Almost everyone is able to have at least one time food. So what is poverty then?

Accessibility towards luxurious products is poverty in Tamil Nadu.

In the city of Chennai, RK nagar people are not able to afford to the luxurious products as like rest of the city. They terribly need money to meet these requirements. TTV Dinakaran decided to use this in perfect manner. Even ADMK candidate gave money for vote. But TTV Dinakaran went one step ahead.
During the election day, it is said that his carders issued 20 rupees as token and pulled people to election booth. This token system resulted in huge turn over during the election day. Till the noon time, voting percentage was not beyond 50. But in the afternoon it turned to be huge and resulted in 77% vote.
Many like me predicted that, without two leaf symbol and with the independent symbol ( pressure cooker) he will not be able to win. But with the token system and pre election cash flow, he was able to make huge margin victory. And even before issuing money on the election day, it said that TTV Dinakaran offered pressure cooker+ cash to all the voters in the constituency.
So the Result was in favor of TTV Dinakaran, who won the election with huge margin. Except, ADMK candidate everyone lost their deposit. And that's how Dinakaran won in the election.

So what are the things we can take from this election is,
  1. It wasn't a real victory for Dinakaran. It will not have any impact in the upcoming election.
  2. ADMK internal politics will be very high. Party will get collapsed. Government will lose majority and soon TN will come under governor rule.
  3. TN is way heading towards general election.
  4. No, TTV Dinakaran is not next to Jayalalithaa. We can claim that he is next Sasikala. Of course, he belongs to the Sasikala family.
  5. With Sasikala family image, Dinakaran cannot move ahead in the politics. His pending cases will get moved fast in the court.
  6. With the cash flow in the election, we can perfectly claim that demonetization was utter failure. Only people suffered and not the politicans.
  7. BJP secured less than NOTA is the biggest shame for the part which is ruling in the center and 19 state. Clear indication that, people of TN are not ready to vote for a part which plays religion cards.

Short Answer: TTV Dinakaran purchased MLA seat by using the poverty.
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