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வெள்ளி, 29 டிசம்பர், 2017

Rewind 2017

Everyone is blessed equally. Everyone had same 24 hours. Everyone had same 12 months. Everyone had same number of Sunday. But how we make use of this equality matters a lot. Let me share how I used the same,

I use to write articles in my blog and other forums. In 2017, I wanted to take one ahead and become an author of a book. As I decided, I became. I am the author of the below book. 2017 gave me a new tag as “Author”. Of course, added the same to my internet profile.

Although it was a small book, I considered it as signifcant step in becoming “Best selling author”. Hopefully I will in the near future.
Note: If you need the PDF of the book, please drop a mail to me( I will share the details.
In 2016, I didn’t travel much. But in 2017, I decided to travel. Travel to the place which I wanted to see for a long period of time. It’s none other than Leh Ladak.

Leh Ladakh travel has induced me to be a regular traveler. And I consider this as beautiful change in 2017. I wish to continue the same in 2018.
As a public speaker, 2017 was another wonderful year. Had an opportunity to interact with 1000+ students across Tamil Nadu via Guest lectures and technical talks. Hopefully, I will reach more students in the year 2018.

Note: I address students, Teachers, Professors on Technology with Motivation. If you are looking for a speaker, you can reach me at any point of time via mail(
Happy to collaborate with research scholars, students and faculties on the research activities. It was really a wonderful experience to share my view across the research scholars and be a part of their research. Along with my earlier publications in 2016, added 2 research papers to my profile in 2017.
Being a poor male writer, I feel this as one of my achievements. From 1k+ follower to 2K+ follower was the change happened in 2017.

As like everyone, 2017 was a normal year for me. But I made it special. Hopefully I will make 2018 also very special year in my life.
I hope you will also make 2018 as special year.
Wish you all happy new year 2018.
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