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திங்கள், 8 ஜனவரி, 2018

Rajini Politics - Hero or Zero?

Disclaimer: I am a Rajinikanth fan from Childhood. I was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu and my mother tongue is Tamil. I have a reason for this disclaimer, which you will understand from my below answer.

From January 2017, every day we had breaking news in Tamil Nadu. It was an abnormal year for the state of Tamil Nadu. Seriously everything was collapsed and it was a complete mess in 2017. And off all the breaking news in 2017, Rajinikanth’s political entry is the biggest breaking news of the year. 

After a decade, Rajinikanth broke his political silence and announced that he is confident in entering into politics. As a fan I was happy about his announcement. But as a common citizen, below were the things that were running in my mind.

Few years back, Rajnikanth had a serious health issue. He didn't appear before the public or didn't do any movie at that time. Entire state of TN was praying for his recovery. By God's grace and with the prayers of entire TN, he was able to recover from the health issue. The reason why I am writing health as first point is, health is very important for public life. Without proper health one cannot do anything in public life. One should have a healthy personal life to have a wonderful long term public life. I am still wondering on how Rajinikanth will manage politics with his health.

Rajinikanth as a person, is a very good friend for all the political leaders. He had a balanced relationship with all the political leaders in the country. He was very close to both Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa. Beyond the state of TN, he has good relationship with Chandra Babu Naidu, Mamata and of course Narendra Modi. But in politics, one cannot be friend with everyone. Friendship with everyone is good, but one should be very clear on who is going to be our enemy. Unfortunately he maintain good relationship with everyone. I am wondering on how is going to survive with his friendly nature, which will not be suitable for politics.

For the past 5 decades, TN was ruled by 3(Karunanidhi, MGR, Jayalalithaa). All the 3 had strong very stong influence among the people. Of course, all the 3 were efficient in their administration. But if you look at the starting point of Jayalalithaa (91–96), it was one of the darkest period of Tamil Nadu. She literally collapsed the administration of TN. Only in her next 2 terms, she was able to do something. Since she didn't have any administration experience, she was unable to perform well in her 1st term. Of course, running a government isn't a easy task. One should have knowledge, experience on each and everything. Jayalalithaa proved that, being an actor/actress is not the only quality to become a leader via her 1st term. If Rajinikanth form the government, he will repeat Jayalalithaa's first term. Since TN is already in crisis, I don't think so it is good for the state.

BJP Politics:
In his recent announcement, he made very clear that he is going to do “spiritual Politics”. And the entire state know his relationship with BJP. Although he said that he will form new party and contest in the election, he will be leaning towards BJP. Anyone who lean towards BJP will not have any future in TN. So, I am wondering on how he is going to wipe the BJP image on him.

Native Politics:
One of the biggest challenge before Rajinikanth is, he has to face the native politics claim. It is said that, he was born in Mahrashtra. Grew in KA. Became a super star in TN. And for the past few years, people's mind toward language and state based politics have increased a lot. He will be facing a huge challenge in this regard, that people will claim that he is not from Tamil Origin.

So, these are some of the challenges before Rajinikanth. And if you had listened to his recent speech, he made the following statements.
  1. He will form party during the assembly election and contest in 234 constituency.
  2. Since local body election is very near, it will not be possible to contest in that.
  3. He said that, he will not protest or comment on anything till he start his party.

All these 3 points are “safe zone” politics by Rajinikanth, which he often play during his movie release. He has a image that, he will just speak politics during the movie release and will never do anything after that. With this image and above points, all I can observe is

  1. We have a unstable government in the state. Assembly election is possible at anytime before 2018. If assembly election come before 2018, he may claim that he need preparation and didn't expect assembly election very soon.
  2. Skipping the local body election is just another way of escaping.
  3. Being inactive without commenting or protesting is just another way of escaping from the people.
So if my prediction are correct,

“he will not form any party. Even if he form the party, he will project someone else has his face”

And I hope, TN will get a relief from all the drama very soon.

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