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சனி, 19 மே, 2018

Karnataka Drama

We need to understand the fact that, all the 3 parties doesn't have majority to form the government. BJP became the single largest party in the election. But Congress and JDS decided to form the government. Governor was not ready to accept this and accepted the claim of Yediurappa. As single largest party, he invited BJP to form the government. Yediurappa became CM of KA and Governor asked him to prove the strength within 15 days.

I still wonder on, how he will show the strength which was not available. Simple horse trading would have happened and few might have jumped parties. And yes, horse trading had happened. But BJP terribly failed to implement their GOA Manipur trick in Karnataka. Supreme court interfered in this issue and asked to prove the strength immediately.
Yediurappa knew that, he will lose the no confidence motion. Hence he decided to quit before getting defeated. Although BJP was single largest party, it couldn't accept the unity of opposition and try to burry the democracy. Supreme court saved it.

Kumarasamy is going to become the CM of Karnataka with the support of Congress. BJP and Congress has the habit of traveling on someone's shoulder and later damaging them. Congress has already formed alliance with JDS and Congress broke JDS by making Siddaramaiah(JDS man) as Congress man.
As this alliance had lot of problem in the past, BJP might have decided to sit and watch the game. Already their name got damaged Nation wide. They didn't want to damage it further. Or BJP will have a plan to weak Congress or JDS or both before the Parliament election and conduct assembly election along with Parliament election. BJP may create new problem or they themselves will create new problem in th days to come. And this government will not survive beyond the Parliament election.

Entire South India is celebrating the defeat of BJP in Karnataka. BJP thought KA is the gateway to enter south India. Somehow, this has been stopped. The sheer majority arrogance of BJP has been stopped. This is just a starting point. BJP's sheer arrogant majority's defeat had started from South. Regional parties are coming closer. 2019 is going to be different. Government will be formed with the support of Regional parties. Things will change in a way, that BJP and Congress will be ruled by Regional parties. True federal structure will be formed in 2019, which will give more rights to the state. This will happen.

Let's wait and watch the game.

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