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புதன், 23 மே, 2018

Thoothukudi Protest

Police Firing?

Most of the time, people always look at the person who open the fire and come to a conclusion that, Police has fired the people. We need to know the people behind the trigger. Police are just bullets. We need to know who is the gun behind the bullet. Here the list is very big and thus the size of the gun is also very big.

Let’s see the list,

  • Anil Agarwal(Founder Vedanta Resources and BJP’s major fund contributor) ->
  • Narendra Modi(Prime Minister of India) ->
  • Edappadi K.Palanisami(Chief Minister of TN and Puppet of Narendra Modi) ->
  • Police
This is how the gun of the police men was designed, which opened the fire against the people of Thoothukudi. Moreover this is not one day protest. People of Thoothukudi are protesting for the past 2 decades against the Sterlite copper of Vedanta Resources, as this industry is the major reason for the cancer.

View on Police Firing!

Vigorous protest against the cancer generating protest started 100 days back. On the 100th day, people have decided to reach Collector office and give petition on their request. But what happened was pathetic. Police was asked to fire against the people who where silently protesting against the Sterlite copper. Answering the below questions, will help you to understand my view on this firing.
  1. To protect whom the police was asked to open the fire?
  2. People doesn’t want the sterlite copper industry in Thoothukudi. Why does government want to a industry which is not liked by the people?
  3. Why Prime Minister Modi is silent on the death of 11 people?. It has been more than 48 hours, still no message from him.
  4. Is it correct to shoot the people on their chest and mouth?
  5. Is it correct to shoot the young students?
  6. Why do government want to protect thi industry?, is it because they are the major fund contributors for BJP?
  7. Why sterlite copper industry was rejected by MH government?
  8. Is correct to shoot the own people?
  9. Why police have opened the fire directly, before taking the previous steps?
  10. Who gave the permission to shoot?
  11. Is police, government to protect and accept the people’s voice or to support a private industry?

Answer to the above questions will help people to understand my view on police firing.

Below are my replies to my other state friends who are uttering some disturbing statements.

“If you keep on protesting, no one will come to invest in TN”

Thank you so much. We don’t want anyone to invest in Tamil Nadu. We have our own investors in Tamil Nadu and we know how to improve our business. Still if someone wants to invest in TN, well, please accept the feelings of TN. By the way, why such kind of industries are setting up only in TN?. Why don't they give a try in Kerala?

“Shooting is correct”

Seriously, I felt very hard in reading such statements from my other state friends. Please remember, we are giving you wonderful education and job opportunities to the entire country. Have some nerves in your tongue.

“Why always blaming Modi?”

Because, he is the Prime Minister of India. Tamil Nadu is part of Indian union and he is Prime Minister for Tamil Nadu too. It doesn’t mean that, we should not question him, as we have not voted for him. Moreover, BJP and Modi are behind the corrupt puppet government in the state for the past 2 years.

“Church is behind the Protest”

Yes, Church is behind the protest. Mosques and Temples should also be the reason for the protest. Because, it’s Tamil Nadu. Whomever they may be, they are our brothers and sisters. They are against the sterlite copper industry. The motto of everyone is simple, #BanSterlite. Please don’t apply communal color.

I hope, I have answered the question. If you need any clarification, you can reach me via comment. I will try to answer all your questions.

Thank you
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  1. My dear, you don't know the truth. The protestors were paid hooligans of DMK and they wanted to enter the Collectorate Office forcefully and wanted to ransack & burn if down. You expect the police to stay silent & watch that ? Police then fired at hooligans : these were not genuine protestors. You are either a highly ignorant person or a paid political puppet.


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