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செவ்வாய், 15 மே, 2018

Karnataka Election Result!

First, My sincere wishes to the people of Karnataka and BJP for their historic win(single largest party) in the Karnataka election. Being a neighbor of Karnataka, I see this election result in different way. Below are the points, I would like to highlight as the reason behind the BJP’s victory
In just 1% vote difference, BJP has defeated Congress in Karnataka. So, I don’t see this as a Huge victory for BJP. If Prime Minister Modi had not campaigned in Karnataka, this 1% difference might have played differently.
Rahul and Congress
I was literally shocked and amazed on seeing the activities of Siddaramaiah. It is rare to see a Congress leader speaking on state rights. Being a Congress CM, he dared Delhi with his own state right policies. As a Karnataka Men, He questioned Delhi(Both Congress and BJP). But what Delhi Congress did was different. They didn’t give importance to Siddaramaiah, as he was against Delhi. Instead they indirectly projected Delhi Congress Pet, Mallikajuna Karge as CM Candidate. Rahul indirectly neglected Siddaramaiah in his campaign. And thus congress have harvested their defeat. Although he has lost, History will remember Siddaramaiah for this wonderful question toward Delhi.

Congress should understand the fact that, they have become weak and People are not interested with the projection of Rahul Gandhi. If they had formed alliance with JDS, things could have been different. Because of their ego, Congress failed to do it. Congress should throw their ego and seek the help of regional parties to move forward. Time has changed. Congress should respect the seniors and should give time for RG to become the actual senior.
Modi and Yediurappa
Modi was not interested in projecting Yediurappa as CM candidate. But he had no choice. If BJP had projected someone else, Yediurappa himself might have defeated BJP in Karnataka. This was clearly seen during the campaign of Modi. Modi litereally avoided Yediurappa during the campaign. He made the election battle as, Modi Vs Siddaramaiah. And in this fight, People have shown their support to Modi and not Yediurappa. So, Modi factor is the major reason behind that 1% lead and BJP win in KA.
Note: Ananth Kumar(Banglore South MP) is very close to Narendra Modi and he has great chance of becoming next CM of Karnataka. Becasue, people have put faith on Modi and not on Yediurappa.

I don’t stand with the EVM malpractice gang. Instead of blaming EVMs, Congress should accept the fact that, no smoke without fire. Congress should introspect their mistakes and fight hard next time.
And being a Tamil Nadu guy, I hope the New CM of KA will show some mercy towards TN in cauvery issue and save the TN farmers and Delta region. Fingers Crossed.
Once again, Congrats to Modi and Team BJP for this historic win.
Morning I wrote this article and in the noon, Congress - JDS trying to form government. DevaGowda, again becoming king maker. Pre-Poll Alliance might have made easy win for Congress. Congress might have made Malligajuna karge as CM. Post poll alliance is making JDS as King maker and Kumarasamy trying to become CM. Brilliant move by JDS.
Once upon a time, Modi asked Devagowda to retire and now he is trying to teach lesson to Modi.
Governor has asked BJP to prove their strength in assembly in the next 7 days. This is a wise decision by BJP via governor. Lets's see whether, BJP is able to repeat their Manipur, Goa, Maeghalaya forumla in TN. And if someone need assistance or guidance, they can reach Sasikala in Jail. She will give idea on how to do horse trading using resort. Kuvathur 2.0 is going to happen.

Note: Article will be updated after 10 days.

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