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செவ்வாய், 8 மே, 2018

NEET Eradicates Poor

There was a young boy in the metro city. He was studying 12th standard in a private school. He was from an elite family with all kind of luxury. He use to go to school by car. Although he had many friends in his school, car driver's son was his best friend. He likes him to the core, as he is the only person who doesn't speak about marks and exams. He was also studying 12th standard, but in the government school. Rich boy had coaching classes in his private school to prepare for all kinds of competitive exams whereas Poor boy lacked such privilege . Yet, he was good with academics. Rich boy scored 1150/1200 in 12th standard exam and the poor boy scored 1140/1200. The difference was just 10 marks. Since the private school had an option to choose french , he was able to score more than the government school boy.

Meanwhile both appeared for an entrance exam. Exam was very easy for the rich boy, as he had extra coaching in the school. Although government school provided coaching, it was just for the namesake. Rich boy cleared the exam and went on to become an Engineering graduate. Poor boy failed to clear the entrance exam and became Car driver. Although both were equally qualified, high tech exam decided the future. It made rich boy richer. Poor boy remained poor.

Who should be blamed for this?. Was it Government school, which didn't give equal education as private school or the entrance exam which artificially coined the poor guy as less qualified?. Both should be blamed. Provide standard education to everyone and abolish artificial entrance exams, even poor has the right to live in this least to remain as poor than being dead.

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