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செவ்வாய், 5 ஜூன், 2018

How do you know when someone really loves you?

Observing Simple things!
Although she was my distant relative, we haven’t met each other. We just lived 2 streets away. Yet, we have not seen each other. Parents are the reason behind for our meet. Yes, it’s an arranged marriage meet. As I strongly believed that, even in love marriage

“Both will be strangers on day 1”

I thought it as arranged love marriage and said okay. She too said okay for the marriage. We didn’t speak for 1 week. We started speaking only after the official declaration via a family function. It is almost 1 month, since we started speaking. In this one month, I am seeing lot of changes in me and she never fail to surprise me via her observation. One such thing is, #MondayMotivation.

I usually write, #MondayMotivation quote or a short motivational story on every Monday and post in facebook or in my website. Last Monday, I missed to write. During our casual conversation, she asked(In Tamil)

“Ama…iniku Monday motivation kanam”
(What? Monday motivation is missing today…)

I was literally shocked on her question and I was on cloud nine, when she asked me this question. I didn’t believe that and shocked that, she is following me and observing me to the core.

Yes, it’s just a simple thing. But her observation made me feel special. As I have not been observed (this close) by someone, I felt so special and happy. It is not required to do big thing thing to show the love, these small observations will make us to feel that someone really love us.
Yes, even in arrange marriage, we can feel the true love and happiness.

Yes, Our is a typical Indian arranged marriage(Going to happen in August 30th, 2018).

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