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வியாழன், 23 மே, 2019

Mailbox to Post Box

In the world of instant messaging, I decided to go back and write some letters. So got some inland letter and stamp from the nearby shop. Almost after 10+ year, I saw the inland letter. Actually I thought inland letter will not be available in the nearby shop. But to my surprise he had.
Just Opened the inland letter after a long gap. Earlier it use to be double sided(recalled from my memory). Now it is just a single sheet. Took the pen in the hand after a long gap and started writing the letter. While writing the letter, lot of school memories occupied my thoughts. Wrote the letter with broad smile as my thoughts went on to letter writing in composition notebook of the school days. With lots of memories completed writing the letter.

Searched for something to paste the letter . Later I found that, the letter itself have some dry gum in the folding section. Used my saliva and closed the letter 😜. Used the same gum to paste the stamp too.
Now my letter is ready. I wanted to post this letter. I know there is no post box in my street. So I searched for post box in the nearby streets. I couldn't find any. I didn't want to go to post office. Most of them directed me to post office only. Some were blank when I asked about post box. Some directed me to courier shop. So I came to a conclusion, there is post office near me but not post box. I didn't want to lose my hope in searching for the post box.
I enquired few auto drivers in the mainroad. Many were clueless. Only one auto driver told me that there was a post near xyz, which was 1km from my area. He was also not certain about that. Still I went to that place. But I couldn't find anything there. One auto driver told that, post box was removed because of road extension and ask me to check whether there is any post box near zyx which was .5 km away. I went there. Made a deep search and finally found the post box. The relief and happiness on seeing the post box was priceless. Seriously I looked the post box as celebrity and took a selfie with that. Yep, finally posted the letter.

While posting the letter, people who were standing near to the post box saw me like an 👽 alien. And of course, I felt proud in introducing post box to the WhatsApp guys.
Finally had a great relief and felt that Mission got accomplished. I am not sure whether I have pasted the correct stamp. Even I am not sure whether someone will open the post box. But I am confident that, If someone opens that post box, it would be a surprise. I guess my letter would reach before me reaching the destination. Although it is the slow way of communication in the instant messenger world, I wish to continue writing letter.
Yes, I am going to write letter to my friends, my relatives, my teachers, my favorite celebrities, my favorite authors etc.

How about you?. 

Just give a try for letter than messenger. It will be slow but will remain special. 😍❤️

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