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ஞாயிறு, 26 மே, 2019

Why BJP couldn't win Tamil Nadu?

Let me explain why BJP is not able to win any seats in Tamil Nadu with one perfect example.

Ramanathapuram Lok Sabha Constituency

Ramanathapuram is one of the Lok Sabha Constituency in which BJP directly contested. The reason behind BJP contested in Ramanathapuram is, Rameshwaram comes under Ramanathapuram Constituency. Rameshwaram is very close to Kashi(Varanasi). Hence BJP decided to contest in Ramanathapuram. Even Prime Minister Modi came to Ramanathapuram during the election Campaign. It was considered was very special for BJP.
BJP's candidate was Nainar Nagendran, who contested in lotus symbol.

Opposite candidate was Navas Kani from Indian Union Muslim league. Although he contested with alliance of DMK, he contested in ladder symbol. Constituency has good number of Muslims, Hindus are majority and Nainar Nagendran's caste is majority in Ramanathapuram. Below is the election result,

Yes, Navas Kani won the election. And to be frank, without Hindu's vote Navas Kani might not have got 4lak+ vote. The reason why Navas Kani won in Hindu dominated region was,

Hindus of Tamil Nadu strongly believe on inclusive social justice than BJP's divisive Hindutuva.

This got reflected in all the 40 seats and this is the reason why BJP lost in Tamil Nadu.

Note In Tamil Nadu, Majority are Hindus who love Hindusim and not Hindthuva. Hence BJP lost.

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