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வியாழன், 31 அக்டோபர், 2019

Diyas in Ayodhya!

Diyas in Ayodhya!

Almost all the Prime Minister of India has been elected from UP and it is always considered as VIP state. Majority of ministers in the central government will be from UP only. Despite of all these things, it is always under developed state in the country.

Let me share one data to prove this.

One of the key factors to measure the development of the state is infant mortality rate. Infant mortality is generally calculated as number of death before the age 1 per 1000 birth in a specified region. As per the date, UP has the highest number of infant mortality rate and it stands first with 64 as count. Seriously it is something alarming and it should be redcued. Below are some of the reason why Infant mortality should be high,
  • Improper health care facilities to the people with respect to their locality.
  • No proper guidance and tracker to check the health of mother and child.
  • Food habits.
  • Access to the high quality health care.
Although there are many, I feel the above 4 points should be the majort reason for infant mortality rate.

Even Lord Ram would have asked the government to take care of his children rather than spending huge amount in his name.

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