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திங்கள், 23 டிசம்பர், 2019

Why did BJP lost in 2019 Jharkhand assembly election?.

In the recent election held at Jharkhand, BJP has lost before the opposition party. BJP has lost one more state in the year. In this post, I have shared on why BJP lost in Jharkhand election with the information shared by my friend from Jharkhand.

Problem: Tribals were deeply affected because of the confusion in Ration rice. Ration rice were stopped for the people doesn't have Aadhar card. It lead to hunger death in Jharkhand.

Tribals felt that, BJP was trying to destroy the mineral wealth of the state and trying to snatch their traditional lands in the name of industrial development. Tribals felt that non Tribal chief minister is against them.

Unemployment among the youth was very high. Law and order was poor. Crime against women was high.

Solution offered: These were the real issue of people of Jharkhand. But what Narendra Modi and other campaigned in the election was,

1. We will build Ram Temple and everyone should contribute for that.
2. We diluted article 370 and abolished Triple Talaq.
3. We have brought CAA for the benefit of the country.
4. We will teach Pakistan a lesson.

Hold on, Hold on. I know what you are looking for. Are you looking for the solution for the Jharkhand's problem?. Nope, they didn't address that. Hence they lost.

Lesson to be learnt: Try to solve people's problem. Tribals doesn't care whether you diluted 370 or not. All they want is food. Solutions offered by BJP will not fill their tummy. Hence they lost.

This will continue in all the state election, unless until they address the real problems of the people rather than diverting from it.

Mr. Hemant Soren is becoming the chief minister of the state with the support of Congress.

Mr. Hemant Soren

I hope he will address the real problems faced by the people of Jharkhand and give good governance to them.

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