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சனி, 4 ஜனவரி, 2020

Why BJP cannot be alternative in Tamil Nadu?

Someone asked me to answer the below question in Quora,
Question: Why don't Tamilians in Tamil Nadu see BJP as an alternative to DMK and AIADMK? Why are they hardwired with only these two parties?
My Answer:
Let me answer this question point by point, so that it would be very easy for others to understand,
  • Tamil Nadu is one of the leading state in the country and the reason behind this is two Dravidian Parties. Majority of the people of Tamil Nadu are comfortable with the two Dravidian parties. So, there is no need of alternative here.
  • Although the state is comfortable, if you want to give an alternate choice for the people of Tamil Nadu, then you should accept the nature of the people and state. BJP is opposite and against the nature of the state and people of Tamil Nadu.
  • When there is no demand in the market, supplier should create the demand by impressing the consumer. Here in Tamil Nadu, there is no urgent demand for alternative. Instead of impressing the people, BJP is irritating the people. How can people see them as alternative?
  • Divisive politics is BJP’s manthra of success, which cannot be implemented in Tamil Nadu. Although majority of the people in Tamil Nadu are Hindus, BJP couldn’t do anything here. The reason is very simple, Hindus of TN believe on inclusive Hinduism and not BJP’s divisive Hinduthuva.
  • Be local first: We can see local politicians standing with the people, if the government is trying to bring any anti people law or schemes. BJP never stands with the people. Instead they are against the people of Tamil Nadu’s sentiment. How can they be alternative?

Short and simple answer is,
BJP can never be alternative with Hinduthuva agenda which is against the the nature of the state and Dravidian Idelogy.
Praveen Kumar Rajendran
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