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புதன், 8 ஏப்ரல், 2020

Why did Trump threaten India of retaliation?

Before I answering this question directly, We should understand the background of Donald Trump. He wasn’t a politician before he ran for the US presidential election. He was a real estate tycoon in USA. He neither had any political affiliation nor participated in any political events before becoming the president of The United States of America.

When many predicted the victory of Hlilary clinton, he won the US presidential election and shocked the entire world. After becoming the President of USA, many literally struggled with him. Not only international leaders, even the leaders of America struggled with this dumb fellow. If he was an experienced politician, he would have known more about politics and know more on how to deal people. Lack of political experience makes him arrogant, narrow and selfish. He neither have any political agenda or ideology. So, none can predict on what Donald Trump will do next. World leaders have no other choice than adjusting with this guy.

And among the world leaders, Narendra Modi is the only leader who had celebrated Donald Trump. By arranging two big events such as Howdy Modi and Namasate Trump, this idiot was celebrated as the most powerful leader in the world.

As the result of celebrating him, India has got a return gift from him as


I am neither shocked nor surprised about the word Donald Trump had used this word. Because, he does that regularly and it’s new for India. Yes, we can understand that the condition in United States is worst. But this is not the correct way to ask a request from the country. That too in time of crisis, usage of such words is dangerous.

Direct Answer: Lack of political diplomacy and decency is the reason why Donald Trump threatens India of retaliation.It has been more than 24 hours. Still, our government hasn’t reacted for the words used by Donald Trump.

Reaction from the BJP government will decided whether, Narendra Modi’s 56″inch of Pakistan will work for USA too or not.

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