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புதன், 24 ஜூன், 2020

What do Tamil Nadu people think about Narendra Modi?

In Quora, I was asked to answer the question

"What do Tamil Nadu people think about Narendra Modi?". 

I wrote the below as my answer for the question.

After reading this question, I was bit confused on what parameters I should write about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tamil Nadu. And let me not drag this answer with facts and figures, instead let me share two pictures for this answer.

Below picture was taken in the year 2014 at Vandalur, Chennai. 

In this election rally, Narendra Modi was aggressive and keen about eradicating corruption from Tamil Nadu. People of Tamil Nadu were impressed by his speech and had good opinion about him. After 5 years, below picture was taken in the year 2019 at Vandalur, Chennai. 

In this election rally, Narendra Modi didn’t use the word “corruption” in his speech. Instead, he was holding hands with the corruption.

Except Quora world, the entire country knew that the government under Edappadi K. Palaniswamy is the most corrupt government in the country. This government should have gone long back. Still this government survives and going to complete 5 years. It’s all because of the blessings from BJP and Narendra Modi. People of Tamil Nadu might had better opinion about Narendra Modi and BJP, if they had not indirectly supported EPS government to survive.

No action against corruption, watching the corruption and joining hands with the corruption itself makes people of Tamil Nadu to think that BJP and Narendra Modi is part of EPS government’s corruption.

Note: Only 200% hate on DMK will make someone to say that EPS government is not corrupt and doing excellent job. Number of people in that 200% category is high in Quora.


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