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சனி, 24 அக்டோபர், 2020

Difference between Vajapyee and Narendra Modi

The difference between Vajpayee and Narendra Modi is,

  1. Vajpayee became Prime Minister of India with the support 20+ parties under the NDA. Vajpayee knew the pain of running a collation government and knew how to accept the difference of opinions from the other parties in NDA. Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India with absolute Majority, hence he doesn’t care about the difference of opinions from the parties in NDA.
  2. It was Vajpayee and Advani, who sowed the seeds for the BJP Tree in India. Narendra Modi is enjoying the fruits of the tree.
  3. Vajpayee took NDA inclusive decisions and Narendra Modi is taking absolute decisions.
  4. Vajpayee respected the contribution of Senior leaders like L.K. Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Yashwant Sinha. Narendra Modi completely rejected the seniors of the party.
  5. During the 5 years term in office, Vajpyee neither involved in horse trading of MLAs or collapsing the state government administrations. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah does that.
  6. Vajpayee was courageous enough to take questions from the opposition parties in the parliament. Narendra Modi doesn’t have the courage to take the questions from the opposition in parliament. Modi literally hates being questioned.
  7. Vajpayee loved debating and Narendra Modi loves talking.
  8. Vajpayee has conducted open press conference on many occasion. Narendra has never conducted open pres conference, right from the day he became Prime Minister of India.
  9. Vajpayee was a socialist and Narendra Modi is a capitalist.
  10. Vajpayee respected the Pandit Nehru and his contribution to the country. Narendra Modi blames Nehru for all his failures.

I hope, I have answered the question to the point. And my humble request is,

“Please don’t compare Vajpayee with Narendra Modi”.

Vajpayee is different and Narendra Modi is different.


Praveen Kumar Rajendran

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