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செவ்வாய், 24 நவம்பர், 2020

All About 'Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification '

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Dear Readers

I am happy to write this post on Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification. I had cleared this certification on November 2020. 

This post will have the following contents.

1. About Certification.

2. Preparing for the Certification. 

3. Registering for the certification.

4. During the certification.

5. Post Certification. 

1. About the Certification:

This the basic Certification from the Google team with respect to Google Cloud Platform. Anyone, who wants to have the basic understanding on Google Cloud can take this certification. Over all, I recommend this certification to the following set of people,

1. Fresh Graduates/ Students who are pursuing final year of their under graduation.

2. Faculties, who are handling Cloud Computing certification. 

3. Fresh Graduates, who are aspiring to start their career in Cloud Computing.

4. Experienced professionals, who wants to upskill and move to Cloud domain.

Following are the prerequisites for the certification

1. Basic Understanding on Cloud Computing.

2. Basic Understanding on Computing Infrastructure.

3. Hands on experience on Windows commands/Shell Commands (might be useful while using Google command line version). 

4. In depth understanding on the, concepts and services related to Google. It will be a multiple choice based certification with 50 questions. 

None is sure about the Minimum mark need to be obtained for getting certified. Few say, it would be 70%. Since, none is clear about the pass mark, I wish more than 40 should be correct. 

Cost of the certification is 75$(as of November 2020)

2. Preparing For the Certification.

Before diving deep into Google Cloud Platform, I wish everyone should have the basic understanding on Cloud Computing. If you are good at basics, you can skip this step and directly dive into GCP. Below are the points that needs to be covered, before diving deep into GCP.

1. What is Cloud Computing?.

2. On Premise vs Cloud Computing.

3. Cloud Services 

4. Types of Cloud Model. 

5. Why Cloud Computing?.

If you have a clear idea on the above 5 points, you can quickly dive into GCP. 

To learn about Google Cloud Platform, you can choose either one of the option.

  • Ebook or paper back book on Google Cloud Platform - Generally not recommended. Because, many things would change frequently. Books will not give you updated information. You can use books to understand the basics concepts of GCP.
  •  E- Learning : Thes best option to learn about GCP. I recommend, Udemy and Plural Sight portal for this. 
  • YouTube: If you are not economically good to learn from Udemy or Plural Sight, you can learn from Youtube.

The Topics that needs to be covered for the certification are,

1. GCP Identify and Access Management.

2. GCP Compute Services

3. GCP Storage Services

4. GCP Big data services.

5. GCP Networking Services.

6. GCP Monitoring Service. 

7. Google Cloud Commands. 

We can expect questions from the above 7 topics in the exam. I am not responsible, If there is anything beyond the 7 topics. To be in safer side, understand the other services in GCP too.

Among the 7 topics that needs to be read for the exam, most of the questions would come from

1. GCP IAM Service

2. GCP Compute Services.

3. GCP Storage Services.

4. Google Cloud Commands.

If you are strong in the above 4 topics, you can answer at least 30 questions out of 50 questions. If you have luck, you can get more than 30 questions too.

After understanding the concepts of GCP Services, I recommend people to practice for certification using the sample questions that are available in the internet. Although, these questions would not appear in the certification, you can check the difficulty level of the exam using these questions. You can learn new things via these questions too. 

If you ask me to recommend one mock test, then it would be the mock test that is available in the Udemy portal. 

Note: Please don't use any dumps. You will be disappointed.

 3. Registering for the Certification:

As of November 2020, is conducting the Google Certifications. One should sign up in that portal and register for the exam. I recommend the following points regarding the registration for the exam,

  • Select a comfortable location and date for your Certification. 
  • If you are having personal computer or laptop, please opt for online remote proctored exam. If not, please take the exam in exam center. 
  • Make sure to take the exam in the evening time, so that you can do a last revision in the morning and take the exam in the evening. 
  • If you are planning to take the online proctored exam, make sure to take in a calm and noise free room. 
  • If you are rescheduling, reschedule before 72 hours. Rescheduling the exam before 72 hours will not lead to any additional cost.

So, just remember these points before registering for the exam.

4. During Certification

Below are some of the points, you need to take care during the exam.

  • Login to the Certification portal at 30 minutes before the exam. Exam link will be active before 10 minutes of the scheduled time. 
  •  Do not have any paper or pen in your table. Make sure to clean everything in your table. 
  • Make sure to have constant internet connection, web camera and power in your computer. Do not have double monitor.
  • Make sure to have a government ID proof, to show to the proctor. If you are planning to take online proctored exam, you may have to show the government ID proof via web camera. If you're Id car isn't visible, you may have take photography of your ID card via your phone and show it. 
  • Let your exam room be clean, as you may have to show your room to the Proctor via web camera. (For online proctored exam). 
  • Read the questions carefully and answer the question. Eliminate all the irrelevant answers and choose the appropriate answer. Do not, read the question aloud. 
  • Mark the question, if you are not sure. Don't spend much time in single question. 
  • Try to complete all the 50 question in one hours and revise all the question in the next one hours. 
  • Attend all the questions. There is no negative mark. 
  • Do not turn around during the Certification. Any kind of malpractice, will make you get banned from taking the certification.

 5. Post Certification

After submitting all the answers, your result will be published immediately. It will show, Pass or Fail. I wish, it should show Pass for you😀. 

You will not be given any feedback or score. After 7-10 days, You will receive the Certification from the Google.

Please remember, Certification is just a validation that you have sufficient knowledge about the Google Cloud Platform. I recommend you to continue learning and try have hands on experience on Google Cloud Platform. 

I hope, this article might have been useful and eye opener for your journey towards Google Cloud Certification. 

Please feel free to reach me via my email id, if you need any guidance.

All the best!

Thanks and Regards

Praveen Kumar Rajendran

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